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Electric power sprayer has huge potential market

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Despite the reform and opening up 30 years, China's agricultural machinery industry has been an unprecedented development, but nothing more than still only two forms, a full use of diesel-powered agricultural machinery, and the other is completely manual small farm implements, including electric power sprayerand other relatively complex agricultural implements. The battery-powered DC electric tools (electric power sprayer) almost can not see in the market, resulting in some small farm machinery in the process still does not change the status of large labor intensity.
Today, many appliances are popular in the homes of peasants, drinking fountain soymilk, razor and so on, electric farm implements has lagged behind the development. Particularly like electric power sprayer, fog machine, peanut pickers, corn dressing should be given to the inclusion of the electric farm tools developed range, battery developed should be durable, persistent current output power should be balanced.
Farmers hope farm machinery research departments and production companies to work together, to go to the countryside, listening to the voices and opinions of farmers, seizing the opportunities created by farm machinery market, to expand the production of agricultural areas, developed as soon as possible to a small battery-electric farm machinery farmers urgently needed marketfor farmers to increase production and make due contributions.
It is understood that China is now about 100 electric power sprayer enterprises, which most electric power sprayer manufacturers without 3C relevant qualifications, Zhengzhou Oriole Electronic (Group) Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd (Originally the state-owned 4057 factory), established in 1969, located in Zhengzhou City-capital of Henan Province, is a large enterprise of holding company owned by the state, national large secondary advanced enterprise, and Henan excellent high and new technology enterprise. It is staffed with more than 1100 including over 500 various professional and technical personnel. At present, the company is mainly engaged in the production of thermal foggy machines, electric ULV sprayers, large vehicular fogging machines etc.

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