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Electric fogger ’s introduction about nozzle

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In the market of fogger, there are many types of foggers. However, in the spray field, only one electric fogger’s nozzle has two types, one is buried, and the other one is exposed to air.
Nozzles are integrally buried buried below the surface of the nozzle, the spray nozzle can be moved up and down when the core portion extending in the ground under the action of pressure, to complete the move drug spraying operations, if the pressure disappears, the spring effect of the core portion and retracted under the ground.
Exposed sprinkler nozzle is buried corresponds, exposed sprinklers installed above ground, it is beneficial to move and maintain, easy to use, green space irrigation system to use more of these nozzles. Since the overall exposure to the nozzle above the ground, not easy green conservation.
Only the electric fogger’s nozzle ,which is under pressure to form a small droplet nozzles.

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