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ORIOLE Factory Direct Thermal Fogger and Cold Fogger

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The epidemic of COVID-19 is not yet over, and disinfection and sterilization still have to be carried out persistently.

ORIOLE thermal fogger and cold fogger are best choice for disinfection, sterilization, insect control, ect.
Factory price, best quality, best service, warmly welcome to inquire ORIOLE foggers, a variety of models for your choose:

Thermal fogger series:
Gasoline powered stainless steel thermal fogger 6HYC-15 (5.2L);
Butane gas powered mini fogger OR-F01 (2.5L);
Butane/propane gas powered mini fogger OR-F02 (1.3L);
Butane/propane gas powered mist-fog dual use fogger OR-F03 (2.5L);
Electric mini fogger OR-E02 (1.3L);

Cold fogger series:
Motor mist sprayer OR-DP1 (4L);
Tri-jet mist sprayer OR-DP1T (4L);
Electric ulv sprayer OR-DP2L/DP2 (6L);
Electric ulv sprayer OR-DP3 (5L);
Battery ulv sprayer OR-DP3Z (5L).

For more details about ORIOLE foggers, please feel free to contact us.

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