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New Type Fog Mist Dual Use Fog Machine

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Fog-mist dual use fogger OR-F03 is a new type fogging machine, integrating all strong points from thermal fogger and cold fogger. The fog machine is continuously developed adn improved based on reasonable comments and suggestions from all clients, so it achieves stable performance. The main feature of the fogger is to save time, labour and energy, and is friendly to environment.The micron mist size less than 30μm can spread widely and deeply, so less water and chemical are used for larger areas and better effect can be achieved. What's more, the micron mist size will volatilize faster and stay for shorter time on plants and other surface, therefore, there is almost no pollution to the plants and environment. It is very easy to operate the fogger. It can be switched between fogging and misting. Welcome to try the new model dual use fogger machine OR-F03. Edited and Published by Chancy

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