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Classification and characteristics about fogger machine

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Fogger machine is also known as smog fight drugs, spraying machines, agricultural machinery are portable. Smoke machine sub-triggered smoke machine, smoke machine heat pulse smoke machine, gas smoke machines, smoke machines and other fuel. Fogger maintenance and repair work, to keep the oil, clean the medicine chest, to keep the oil flow, the drug of the road, to extend the life of the smoke machine.

Fogger machine can be used for pest control and livestock farms, various storage warehouse epidemic farm crops, also suitable for disinfection and epidemic prevention projects to improve the urban environment. Smoke machine working process, the machine starts to run half a minute, commissioning a good job throttle opening warm-up before a stable liquid valve. Smoke machine not long vigorous shaking medicine chest, and it is not a long time without spraying machine running empty, half Minting time over one minute or more, preferably downtime. Note that the empty machine running for a long time on the machine lossy.

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