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Use and maintenance of carburetor

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(1) The oil system should be kept clean, and the filter screen, filter sponge and sedimentation cup should be cleaned regularly to prevent sludge from flowing into the oiler.
(2) At the end of each day's work, close the door switch and drain the remaining oil at the sedimentation cup to prevent the mixed oil from drying up in the small holes and blocking the oil passage.
(3) Regularly check all oil circuit connections, and the connections should be sealed to prevent oil leakage and air ingress, so as not to affect the performance of the carburetor. The fuel tank should be prevented from entering water.
(4) Regularly check the oil needle, main measuring hole, and needle valve. If it is found to be worn, repair it, and replace the parts in time when it is severe. When loading and unloading, it is necessary to prevent the needle valve bracket from colliding and deforming or the float from being jammed and affecting the correct height of the oil level. The pump membrane should be checked regularly, and if the residual deformation is found to be too large or damaged, it should be replaced in time.
(5) The screw connection of the throttle control system should be firm, the positioning should be accurate, and regular inspections should be performed to prevent the throttle position from being loose and misaligned, resulting in overspeed or low speed. It directly affects gasoline engine performance and spray performance.
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