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Agriculture pest control thermal sprayer application

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Power sprayers are widely used in general industrial equipment, medical equipment, chemical equipment, agriculture (lawn and garden), tourist vehicles, special vehicles, ships, beverage, vehicle cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, water purification and water treatment equipment. Espcially the electric sprayer, is very wide applied to these industries.
(A) Production of agricultural use electric sprayer, hand pressure sprayers modified electric sprayer (micro-pump is installed directly in the hand pressure sprayer, and matched with a battery or hand lamp).
(B) The power sprayer in water purification industry. For example, the purification equipment, water treatment equipment, drinking fountains, water machine. Supporting producers for wet towel dispenser, water dispenser, Coke machines, juice machines, dishwashers, disinfection machine, solar bonsai, automotive glass washing.
(C) The power sprayer also can be used for other liquid transfer, the jet even metering equipment and systems. For example, the garbage truck, water truck, carpet cleaning equipment, floor cleaning equipment, vehicle washing equipment, road construction equipment, dishwashers, medical equipment, chemical equipment, anti-chemical warfare equipment, disinfection equipment, cooling system, pressurization system, etc..

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