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Five advantages of thermal fogging machine

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Energy-efficient plant protection thermal fogging machine is to use the principle of pulse jet space rocket engine design and manufacture of new pesticide, fertilizer, insecticide sterilization machine. None of the whole machine moving parts, no mechanical wear under any circumstances, and durable. The machine can be made smoke-like medicines and fertilizers, has excellent penetration and diffuse, good adhesion, resistance to rain erosion is strong, easy to operate, greatly reduce drug consumption, high efficiency, brake insect sterilization well, environmental protection and other prominent features .
Thermal fogger is widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, urban sanitation, immunization and brake large insect sterilization in public places . Compared with other sprayer having distinctive features .
1, Do not cheer imminent. The first time, start the pump and atomizer both separate and combined with new technology, without pump cheer, electronic start, the operation is very simple.
2, Stable performance, nonstop machine . Suction vacuum level for the first time the new technology, not only machine performance is stable and will not appear midway flame and flame phenomenon .
3, Energy efficient ; first time, secondary atomization technology, can save more than 30% of the fuel .
4, The first time bidirectional control of fuel and air technology . Within a certain range, according to actual needs, self-adjusting power size.
5, The first voice-activated automatic control valves using new technology to eliminate the problem of difficulty in starting the next fire and liquid smoke mouth halfway down due to appear back caused.


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