• Air blast sprayer 3WG400B

Air blast sprayer 3WG400B

  • Tank capacity: 1030L
  • Power source: 380V
  • Mist diameter: 5-150μm
  • Dimension: 2000*1210*2040(mm)
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■ Product Introduction

Application field: High Range Air Blast Sprayer, assorted with the pickup car, minivan, or agricultural vehicles, is used to spray the chemical herbicides and pesticides. It is widely applied to the pest control of protection forest, economic forest, greening trees, and tall trees, and can also kill the locusts quickly and large areas of agriculture and forestry pest control.
Mainly exported to Africa and the Middle East countries

■ Technical Parameter

3WG400B Air Blast Sprayer Specification
Dimension LXWXH 2000*1210*2040(mm)
Tank size Tank capacity Size(mm)
  1030 1460*970*1220
Tpray bottle Vertical Angle


  Horizontal angle


( Manual adjustable 360°)

Fog spectrum range 5-150μm
Range vertical range More than 20M
  horizontal range More than 25M
Discharge rate 12L/Min It is suggested the vehicles loaded with the sprayer run at the speed of 5~10Km/h when the sprayer works.
Work pressure 1.5-2.0MPa
Generator power 10KW gasoline
Fan motor voltage 380V
Fan motor power 3KW
Motor power speed 2800r/min
Pump motor power 1.5KW
Pump motor speed 1400(r/min)
Liquid pump type Three cylinder plunger pump
Liquid pump speed 900(r/min)
Duct diameter 500mm
Nozzle 12

■ Features

High range air blast sprayer is vehicle-mounted and separating air blast engine powered. The sprayer itself has a complete distribution system, air blast system, atomization system, duct steering and swing system etc. It is directly mounted into the carriage of pick-up car, minicar or agricultural vehicles, can be operated inside the driving cab or by remote control outside, also manually operated, spraying while running.
The series sprayer is featured by high range and good penetrability, can be used for the pest control of protection forest, field network protection forest, fast-growing economic forest with some traffic conditions, greening trees on both sides of highway, urban street trees, can also kill locusts quickly and pest control of large areas agriculture and forestry.

■ Safety Attentions

1.When the generator is running, it is forbidden to add fuel to tank.
2.The generator should be placed in one meter distance away from buildings and other equipment, and strictly forbid approaching of pets, children, inflammables and explosion-prone objects.
3.Waste gas discharged from the generator contains the harmful gas-carbon monoxide, so the generator should be placed in well ventilated areas.
4.When the generator is not completely cooled in operation or after shut down, please do not touch silencer and machine in case of burning by high temperature.
5.The generator must have good grounding, forbid to touch generator with wet hand lest causing electric shock.
6.Containing sulfuric acid, the battery will produce explosive oxygen. When charged it should have good ventilation environment, it is strictly prohibited to be close to the fire sources in case of burning.
7.It is forbidden the use of the storage battery when being charged by starting the generator. Stop charging if the storage battery is at the temperature of more than 45℃.
8.When the sprayer works, it is strictly prohibited to stand within the range of 1 meter. Don't get close to duct and air outlet in case of injury.
9.Do not work below high pressure line.



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